Dallas Wood is my name and I was born and raised in Mesa Arizona for the past 17 years. When I was about 13 years old I was introduced to pen making through a friend of my older brother. I got the idea to make my dad a pen for father’s day. This was the first time I ever saw or used a lathe.

It felt very natural and comforting to work with the wood, turning it on the lathe and carving the the material. I knew then that my future included woodworking.

A few years passed and I lost contact with that friend but still held that interest. One day in my high school shop class, I discovered a pen lathe. I fell in love again and that year made about 15 pens in class. I wanted my own pen lathe and searched everywhere for one I could afford. Finally I found a good one for a great price. So at 16 years old I now had my own lathe and a few tools of my own.

Soon after that a family friend saw what I needed to grow and kindly shared his home workshop for me. Now I have a wonderful work space at my fingertips. I realize that not many 17-year-old guys have access to full workingshop 24/7 and unlimited access to any tool in it. Now I have had the opportnity to learn and practice turning on the lathe and understanding the fine lines of woodworking.

I make custom orders of pens, pencils and a few other specialized items. I have made these from wood, acrylic, stone and many other substances. I thouroughly enjoy doing this type of work and want to go even further and expand my ability as a woodworker.

I am currently working on getting my eagle scout and apply the skills of leadership, understanding, and discipline, into my woodworking career. I'm sure even more good things are soon to come.