After selecting the perfect material to work with, I precision drill the center and insert a piece of solid brass tubing inside of the blank. I then sand down the ends of the material to make them perfectly flush with the brass tubes. From there the blank goes onto the lathe to be turned.

The shape of the pen is very important to the overall look and feel. The client has full control over the entire process, including shape, pen components style, and finishes. I encourage you to choose or decribe a shape that will work best for you. I can also come up with the shape myself and I try to make it ergonomic and pleasing to the eye.

The last part of the process is applying a finish. I use two primary methods of finishing. One is a wax-based natural finish and the other is a CA (cyanoacrylate glue) finish. The CA finish is strong and provides a smooth, glass like finish to the pen. It's so glossy that people often ask me if it's really made of wood!

I also do acrylic pens. All of the steps are the same as with wood pens, and I use a "plastic polish" finish on them.